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Buying A Property

Buying a house is a complex matter and can be especially confusing for the first-time home buyer.

If you are planning to buy your first house. Are you planning to Do-It-Yourself and navigate the complexity of the buying process? Or do you prefer to engage a professional that will guide you step by step and ensure a smooth transaction.

My Services

1.Share with you the latest housing trends & policies that affect you.

2. Do a detailed assessment based on your preference, income and eligibility and propose suitable alternatives. 

3. Help you to identify those under value properties.

4. Help you to coordinate with all the parties involved in the transaction from bankers to lawyers.

5. Negotiable on your behalf with the best prices and terms to your advantage.

6. Carefully guide you through the entire property procedures and timeline.

As a buyer, it usually costs nothing to hire a property agent to help you find and buy a private property or new launch – your agent will likely get a portion of the commission from the seller’s agent or developer respectively.

However standard market rate commission is payable in the purchase of any HDB flats.

My clients come to me because of my market knowledge of the industry and my familiarity with the area.

I can help you find that “dream” home.  

Contact me today and let’s get started!


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