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A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of SGX Mainboard Listed, APAC Realty Ltd. ERA Singapore has redefined industry standards for real estate concepts, technology, initiatives, and products since its inception in 1982. We are the largest international real estate agency in Singapore, with the proud reputation as the preferred real estate brand in Singapore. ERA Singapore is synonymous with providing innovative breakthrough products and services which cater to our clients’ every need.

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years of service in singapore

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Our Own Building

ERA APAC Centre – the Only Real Estate Agency that owns a building – providing over 150 Office Rooms and Workstations to its associates, as well as two in-house auditoriums that boast 400 seats.

Superstar Bonus

Salespersons are rewarded with a bonus for achieving milestones in Sales and Recruitment performance.

ERA Points Programme

All ERA salespersons are eligible for this rewards programme. ERA Points can be used to redeem corporate merchandise, course fees for CPD, and offset flight tickets to ERA overseas Business Conferences.

Free CPD Programme

To encourage early fulfillment of CPD criteria, ERA will pay for every ERA salesperson’s CPD programme at Appointed Course Provider.


With iSubmission, a user-friendly online portal, ERA sales associates will need just an iPad or tablet to submit listings and seal deals on-the-go.

ERA International Network

As the largest international real estate agency with over 39,000 realtors across 2,200 offices in 32 countries, ERA salespersons can leverage on our international referral network to reach buyers who are located overseas.

A Trusted Brand For Developers

ERA is the Appointed Marketing Agency for over 50 Projects in 2019.

Performance Enhancing Tech Tools

Free use of the most updated Tech Tools, such as myERA virtual portal, iERA mobile app and ERA SG Projects mobile app.

New Agent

Registration Criteria​

You MUST: Be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore PR, at least 21 years old, and possess 4 GCE ‘O’ Level passes, possess a pass in the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) examination or equivalent. You MUST NOT: Be an undischarged bankrupt, hold any criminal records of fraud or dishonesty, have any records of complaints or convictions, and must not hold any moneylender’s licence.

STEP 1 : Register For Res/Rea Exam Preparatory Course.​

CEA requires all new entrants to take a compulsory RES/REA exam preparatory course before taking the respective examinations. Please refer to the approved course providers for more information on their schedules and fees. Please refer to www.cea.gov.sg for more information.

Step 2 : Apply For The Real Estate Salesperson Examination​

The RES examination is the entry level examination for new entrants who wish to practise as salespersons in the real estate industry. Under the new regulatory framework, one of the criteria for salespersons’ registration is the requirement to pass the mandatory industry examination. Please refer to www.cea.gov.sg for more information such as the schedules and fees involved.

Step 3 : Register With ERA As A Salesperson​

Make an appointment with myself to go to ERA office to submit your application.ERA will submit on your behalf to CEA for your registration as a salesperson with ERA. CEA will take appropriate 5 to 6 weeks for the approve. During this time, it will be good to meet up with me to go through your plans and strategies and how to execute them once you collected your CEA tag.

Are you in the following circumstances?

If you belong to anyone above, I welcome you to join me in a property career!

It’s not easy to work on a 100% commission based income and no fixed salary. I was there before and I truly understand that! Here, nobody says it will be easy. But it’s not impossible either. To survive and do well in this industry requires a whole host of qualities one must possess to achieve success. These qualities can be cultivated!

You don’t need to have prior experiences in sales to make it in housing sales. Neither do I when I first started!

What you need is a positive mindset, willing to learn and unlearn, work hard and take lots of rejections. For those who are looking to explore a property career whether as a part time or full-time career, I warmly welcome you on board. I am sure with my proven sales strategies, You can succeed too!

We Have Great Answers

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: I do not have any past sales experiences. Can I still do sales?

A: Yes you can. Sales is a skill that can be learned. I started off without any sale experiences anyway.

Q: Will there be any training provided?

A: Yes. Training are conducted regularly in ERA that covers policies, market trends to specialize sales training. There are also monthly division training conducted by me and fellow colleagues. On the team level, I will also personally conduct addition training sessions to accelerate your learning curve.

Q: I am not highly educated. Can I still do well in real estate?

A: You only need to possess 4 GCE ‘O’ Level passes. In sales, the sky is the limit. You do not need to be highly educated to succeed. Do you know? Close to 20% of ERA monthly Top Achievers only have 'O' level & below qualification only!

Q: I am not driven. Can i still do sales?

A: Yes. You still can do sales. But your sales commission is directly proportion to your drive.

Q: Is this a 100% commission based career. Will there be any basic salary?

A: This is a 100% commission based career. There is no basic salary. In this way, you will be driven to succeed.

Q: I have plans to work as a part timer. I am a semi-retire/full time mother/retirees. Can I still join?

A: Real estate sales is a very flexible job. You work based on your own time. Here, I welcome all part-timers, retirees, full time mothers, retrenched personal and fresh graduated, etc.

I am always skeptical about sales jobs. Can this really be a career?

A: Sale is never an easy career. It required a lot of mental and psychological strength to survive. Real estate sales can become a very rewarding career if you treat this job seriously. Many have done that too. If you never try. You will never know.

Q: Can I put in minimum amount of effort and expect to make lots of money?

A: No! The harder you work, the luckier you become. There is always the logic of cause and effect. If you plan to put in only minimum effort. I suggest you don't ever bother trying. 

Q: I am currently in a sales related job. Will that help if I joined real estate?

Yes. Definitely your sales experience will count in how you communicate and deal with people. This is after all a people business. 

Q: I am just retrenched. I need a job urgently to pay for bills. Will this job be suitable.

A: I am afraid property sales is like running your own business. You need to invest time and effort to see results. In the short term, you may have to live on your saving before you see results.

Q: Seriously. will you help me to succeed?

A: Yes. I will help you to succeed! Because if you succeed. It will reflect well on me too. Here, it also takes two hands to clap. You must be willing to learn and put in the time and effort to reap the fruits of your labour. Real estate sales can offer you financial freedom. It is a very rewarding career that if you put in 100% effort and treat this like your own business.

Q: How much can I potentially earn?

A: The sky the limit! It is possible to earn more than a million dollar in a year if you adopted the right strategies and lots of hard work. On another extreme. You could be scoring zero sales and throw in the towel as soon as you get in.  

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