Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is in the mind of most baby boomers today. If you are 55 years old and above and belong to CPF Board's Club 55. You should start to plan ahead for your family. Have you wonder what are the various options available to you? Which routes is the best for my family? Should I sell my property now or should I hold on to it?
How much money can I unlock from my property? These are real questions that you should be asking before you embarked on your retirement road map.

Retirement Roadmap

This retirement roadmap will give you an overall what are the various housing options available to you pertaining your most important asset you holding on to.

If you are staying in a HDB flat now. You can either right-size to a smaller resale HDB flat, studio flat or even lease buy back to HDB. If you are currently staying in a private property, you will have more options. you can right-size to a resale HDB flat first before exploring your plans further down the road.

Key Consideration

Your decision you made today will depend mainly on the following 3 consideration: time, CPF and cash.


After selling your current place, where should you move to? Should you sell first before buying?

Amount of CPF that can be used?

After setting aside your CPF Retirement Account, how much CPF can be used for the next house?


After selling and buying your next home, how much cash can you keep for retirement?

Retirement Housing Plan

Enjoy watching this retirement housing plan video that sum up in 30 seconds.

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Actual Case Study

Case Study 1

Mr Tan is 54 years old this year and stay in a 5 room HDB flat. He is required to keep $166,000 in his CPF Retirement Account upon reaching 55 years old. Here, he has planned to downgrade to a smaller HDB flat. After working out a detailed financial calculation with him, he can safely downgrade to a fully paid HDB flat before his CPF is locked up in his CPF Retirement Account. 

Case Study 2

Mr and Mrs Liew are in their 60s. They stay in a private condominium with their grown up children. They plan to downgrade to a HDB resale flat after their children got married. They have an existing $100,000 in outstanding loan. After selling their condominium and fulfilling their CPF Basic Retirement Sum, they are able to fully pay a HDB resale flat and yet have $500,000 cash for retirement.

Actual Case Study

Case Study 3

Teck Whye 4 Room to Studio Flat. Unlock cash for retirement.

Case Study 4

Hillview landed property to HDB Flat. Fully paid + cash for legacy.

Case Study 5

Hume Park to HDB 5 Room fully paid. Unlock cash for retirement.

Hume Park 2

Case Study 6

West Coast landed property to Condo. Fully paid + cash for legacy.

During the meet up

During the meet up, I will understand your current situation and explore what are the various options available to you. I will assist to do a detailed financial calculation to further explore your options before advising how to proceed and execute your retirement plan accordingly.

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